Have A Heart - Pausing Workout Loses Stars

(Mark Haddock) #1


I’ve just been on the bike for 2hrs 20min doing Beginners 12wk Winter Plan.  I had to pause a couple of times, due to interuptions and a dead HRM battery.  When I got to the end of the 2 hour interval, I saw that I didn’t get a star.  I’m assuming its because of the pauses as I wasn’t under the target power zone for any length of time.

I’m recovering from a Total KInee Replacement, so this plan is ideal for me, however the loss of the star is heartbreaking.  I thought I was doing so well.

Loving the app.  Mostly!!!

(Michael Henasey) #2

keep up the good work!

if you don’t complete an interval/set, you don’t get a star. i think that’s fair.

i’m sure Zwift HQ will improve workouts to allow you to pause or skip sets but just as IRL, you need to earn those stars! :slight_smile:

(Mark Haddock) #3

Bah Humbug!

(R Idge Cyclesport) #4

I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but the truth is recovery after injury sucks, you’re not going to be who you were for awhile, you need to learn to deal with these types of disappointments and instead of getting depressed over it, learn to turn it into motivation to overcome the obstacles.

So get back on the damn bike, load up the workout, and overcome it.

(Mark Haddock) #5

You’re a harsh lot :wink:

In fairness I’m delighted with my progress so far 6 months ago I could hardly walk so it’s all looking good. 

Another couple of hours in the training plan for tomorrow. 

(R Idge Cyclesport) #6

LOL, It’s just one of those been there, done that, wash, rinse, repeat over the course of years.

I mean, honestly, think for a moment what you’re saying. You’re letting a little virtual star, in a virtual world, on a virtual game, dictate your real world satisfaction.

I say nay nay, admire the progress you’ve made, and show that star who’s boss.

(Shane Carbonneau) #7

as far as I’m concerned, the loss of a pause button when using workout mode with zwift is a deal-breaker.  if you need to pause – even for a few - seconds – to get another water bottlle, or answer the phone or whatever – smart trainer gets switched out of ERG mode.  there is no way to switch it back on.  You can’t get the watts back up until the end of the trainer interval – which for me was like 15-20 minutes. Before trainer mode came to zwift, I used Trainer Road for interval training and took for granted the ability to pause between intervals.  Zwift could learn a lot from a few sessions (or a few more sessions) with trainer road.

(Mark Haddock) #8

Mic Mic no one told me there was a real world out there. Here’s me thinking all my Facebook friends are real :wink:

At least I’ve got one person on my side.  Thanks Shane.


(Scott) #9

Don’t worry guys. The ability to Pause and Skip are in the works :slight_smile:

(Mark Haddock) #10

Scott B you  ate my favourite Zwifter. 

(Stuart Davis) #11

Hmm, tasty.

(Mark Haddock) #12

Oops. Are, ate?  Tomayto, tomatto!!

(Patrick Schmidt) #13

Any update on this?

Doing a collection of 15 minute intervals today, I had to pause to relieve saddle numbness a few times. Getting the trainer back into erg mode actually required more watts than the interval called for and I still got a failed result.

Honestly I hope this is coming soon because psychologically I chase these stars and I end up staying in the saddle longer than I should without getting the blood flowing again because I know it will fail me.

Pausing will be nice, and if one completes the interval the star should still show complete.

(Paul Allen) #14


It sounds like you have a poor bike fit or you need to invest in a new saddle.