Haute route 2021

Just seen the exciting news of haute route 2021 at the end of February.

Can I get the request in early for

A time based GC over the three stages on zwiftpower

Each individual stage to be race ranking qualification in zwiftpower

Thanks in advance, hopefully enough time to make this work.

@Flint_McInnis @shooj

It was already announced in the zwiftinsider article.

That’s great news. I hadn’t see the article so thanks for sharing.

Thanks to the zwift team for listening and putting this in place!


We’re working on it. :sweat_smile:


I juist did a group workout of Haute Route series and normaly they said that you receive a new kit but I didn’t get it? Does anyone know how?




same for me: I did the first group workout and did not get the kit.


I thought you have to do the Haute route (feb 26-28) to earn the kit.
It is a beast. Don’t know if I can manage it. It’s a terrifying ordeal for a heavy sprinter.

Original text from PDF document where it sais that you get a kit if you complete ANY workout of Haute Route!

Haute Route Watopia
Group Workout Series
Complete any workout to unlock the stylish Haute Route kit on Zwift!
Each workout has a specific goal that will enable you to reach new heights during Haute Route
Watopia’s three challenging stages.

I also didn’t get the kit when I completed the first group workout.

Same here, no ‘training kit’ from Tuesday’s workout

Same here… did the workout on Tuesday, 18:00 CET and no kit for me :frowning:

Same for me, i completed the workout on Tuesday, as i crossed the finish line it said completed then seemed to crash and go back to the start screen ? thought this was just because of the amount of people on the ride. But nope no record of me doing the ride or the training kit for doing it…

I had exactly the same. The moment the Haute Route workout finished the iPad app crashed. Happened again tonight on the TDZ stage 3. It’s really frustrating. For the TDZ I got an email saying I had completed stage 3 but it’s not credited in the app.