Has Zwift Racing Made Workouts Redundant?

(Chris Durham RaceWBR (A) ) #1

Zwift Racing vs. Workouts - Has Zwift racing made workouts redundant?

My coach tells me that training should be specific to the event I am training for and sufficiently hard, to induce changes in my muscles. So what better training than real races?

I’m not a specialist, I’m a typical user, but I hope you will find my write-up useful!

(Paul Allen) #2

You should trust, not test and that is what races do. My guess is that you would get more benefit just doing your training and save the racing for the specific event you are training for.

I would like to see what @Gerrie_Delport has to say about it.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

No racing should not be used to substitute focused workouts. You should use workouts to train for a race or races. Races are fun and good for you but they dont build on the spesific conditioning.

Let you coach include a race per week in your plan.