Haptic Feedback Enabled for Zwift Play [June 2023]

Another one here, running IOS on IPad pro.

Me too. Using ATV and the companion app. No haptic feedback option. The Zwift Play hardware updated two days ago.

Haptic feedback working when using Win 10 but not with ATV… Still

Update: Play Haptics are now enabled for 75% of devices on macOS, iOS, tvOS, and Windows.

Have haptic feedback enabled, how do we disable it or is that option not yet available?

Cheers for that

Turning off haptic feedback during ride shut off Zwift unexpectedly. Would need at least a warning that this might happen.

Also while it vibrates giving out ride ons, there is no haptic feedback when braking.

Is this still being rolled out?

I don’t have the option for vibration in preferences.

Same here, still nothing after a month.

Update: Play Haptics are now enabled for 100% of devices on macOS, iOS, tvOS, and Windows. Haptics for Android are nearly complete and will be available in an upcoming game release as well.

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An update to Evan’s update:

We are in the midst of rolling out Zwift game v 1.45 to all OS platforms today and tomorrow. Please update to 1.45 when it’s available to you.

Since last update Zwift Play controllers are a waste of time. Keep losing Data Connection when riding. Totally spoiling my Xwift experience

Hi folks! Starting today with the release of Zwift Game version 1.46, Play Haptics are now enabled for 25% of Android devices. We’ll continue to monitor and dial up more over the week.

Starting today, Play Haptics are now enabled for 50% of Android devices.

Starting today, Play Haptics are now enabled for 100% of Android devices.

I don’t see Controller Haptic setting in my preference (in french). I just update Zwift on my iphone to be sure I have the last version and I can’t see it.

The settings menu is context-aware. You have to be paired to the Play controllers in order for that setting option to appear. Please confirm that’s the case for you?

Ok thanks Shuji!

Just out of curiosity and after having searched some time for it now: Is there any guide to haptic feedbacks? Or are we left to figure the meaning of it out for ourselves?

While this might seem like a trivial question, with the connectivitiy issues that not only I seem to be having and the fact that “something” seems to happen in terms of feedback when a connection is lost (or reconnected???) haptic feedback at this point in time is utterly confusing to me…