Hammer Freewheeling

I was riding on the flats of Watopia today and suddenly my Hammer started to freewheel as if I was going down a big hill.  My power dropped away to nothing as I was spun out in my biggest gear and my rider stopped but the trainer was still freewheeling like mad.  Eventually I exited, unplugged my trainer and restarted and everything worked fine but I lost the first 10 minutes of my workout.  Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks

Unfortunately, this seems to happen on a sort-off-regular basis when I’m riding Watopia. 

I ride a Direct drive Wahoo Kickr 2

Strange thing it always happens at the same place on the mountain of Watopia.

It generally sorts itself out within few seconds, but still!

Check you have FE-C enabled, although I’m guessing you already have.  :slight_smile:

As an aside, I found Zwift to be a ‘little fragile’ in a few areas yesterday (for me).

Ride On!

I would love to have FE-C enabled, what is it?

This happened to me too in Watopia! I sent a message to Zwift support but have not heard back yet.