Halo replay for Ramp Test and real time TSS monitor

When I do Vo2Max structured workout, or other super intense workouts, I realize that I always do better at block 2 and/or 3, than the first one. It appears to me that my brain works in such a way that if I can recognize the pain, if I get some rest, I can endure a little bit more next time.

Next day or next week doesn’t work. My brain have forgotten the pain by then.
Now when I do Ramp Test, my 2nd attempt gets better than my first.

I am pretty sure that if I had a Halo Replay of my last and my PB when I do Ramp Test, I would be able to squeeze out a few more seconds/watts. It’s a win-win right.

Also, it would be awesome if you could implement a target Halo. Assume my FTP is 218 watts and want to get to 225. Then if I can hold on to that 225watts Target Halo until it becomes green or something, then I know I reached the 225 FTP.

Some ppl are like…push your max (TT-style) and see what you did. I am more of a see what you need to do to reach where you want to be (Race style).

Also, I like to see the actual TSS while riding/running. Not after I have finished my ride. Let’s say I want to do 100TSS today and starts to workout/race/whatever and then after I am done, I see I am at 93 TSS. If I would have known that WHILE I was riding/running, I would have kept going until I did reach the 100, ultimately making me more fit. It is not motivating to start a new session, just to make another 7 TSS. I can do it but I rather see it while I am in my session.

That’s what I wish for X-mas :slight_smile:

Do you do a proper warm-up before the test?
This one is perfect for me:

Doesn’t matter. My brain always push harder 2nd time :slightly_smiling_face: