Half star in pedalling drills

Hi team

I’m doing the build me up plan and had pedalling drills tonight. Last time I got a perfect star score but today I only got 8.5 stars out of 9.

What are the reasons for this?

Just wondering as I skipped nothing. I did hit 0w very briefly during my unclips. Could it be that?

Aw man the photo was too early but it says 8/9 stars. The detailed view shows 8.5/9


I occasionally get that with short intervals when the power changes dramatically, this might not be your case i know but, it happens

Aw, yeah I mean I did drop from 200w to 0w but it seems kinda harsh to assume people can unclip from shimano spd pedals (super strong ones) whilst pedalling lol. I’d probably lose both my ankles if I tried.