Since I have some haert-problems my doctor suggested to keep an eye on my haertrate while riding.
So, wouldn’t ist be a good idea to chnage the color of the displayed haertrate depending on the haertrate-zone you have on that very moment?
Would be great

Like the screen you have when you are running in Zwift? I like that idea. And I like the zone-minutes display as well.
2023-03-05 09_17_20-Window


It’s really useful for running, i use it as an indicator to how well I’m going and can plan for any increase in pace or distance according to it.

I guess it’s not quite the same for cycling though as your heartrate fluctuates through gradients, descents, being in a draft etc…

You can turn on the graph that has colour coding to show the zone you are in.

If you have a HR monitor that can connect on Bluetooth and ANT+, you may be able to pair it with a Garmin (like Edge 1030) and use the features of the Garmin to set warnings if you go into unacceptable HR zones.

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But that‘s power not heartrate.

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Oh right, so it is… Shows how much I use it!