Group Workouts on Empty Courses

I noticed the other day when doing a group workout that the group was alone on the course (no other riders in the VR world). When the workout ended we dropped back into the world with other VR riders.

To check this I did another one. We were again riding alone as a group in a totally empty VR world. A bit before the group workout ended, I dropped out. I then materialized in the VR world with the other riders all there AND the group workout riders of which I no longer was a part there as well.

I can understand that for races where drafting random non-race riders can pose a problem, it might make sense to have the race happen on a totally empty world, but on group workouts it makes no sense to me.

I enjoy seeing other riders in Zwift.

Making group workouts ride around in empty worlds to me makes them much less appealing that if they take place like group rides (which still thankfully ride in the full VR world with other riders around).

The more social we are and the more we see each other the better.

Unless there is a compelling reason (like for certain races), then having group workouts riding around on barren, empty servers seems bad to me!