Group Workout Would Not Start

Greetings Zwifters,

The other evening I participated in my first group workout and the experience was awesome, I really enjoyed the structured riding/training. I believe the group workouts are an excellent and useful Zwift feature.

Last evening I selected a group workout ahead of the start time. Was on the bike, Zwift was logged in, Zwift Mobile Link was setup on my iPhone same WiFi as the computer. Then the start time came and nothing happened. So, at that point I selected another group ride that would start in 5 min. and at the start time nothing happened. I then just re-started Zwift on the computer and did a regular ride on my own, and everything worked as expected.

Any ideas why the group ride/workout did not work for me last evening? Was I doing something incorrectly?

my setup: Wahoo Kickr SNAP, WIN 10, MS Surface, iPhone 6 iOS 11.1.2. Zwift Mobile Link. All software and apps up to date.

Thanks in advance

Oh one more thing, I did have a Zwift hack in the Zwift prefs.xml file, since I prefer Watopia. Could this be the problem?