Group Workout Enhancement

I present this to see if there may be any traction to be had. One of the issues I see with group workout mode is that everyone is rubberbanded together. I understand that it’s meant to keep the group together, but it doesn’t give any indication of performance in relation to others nor does it make it easy to keep track of your friends. Granted yes, workouts are based on a per individual basis, but I would posit that it may be nice when you are seeing yourself around others who are fairly similar to you (based on workout performance or set FTP) which can motivate one to pull through a grueling workout.

This enhancement was inspired from other cycling apps and studios (e.g. Peloton, Flywheel, etc.)

For the purposes of this topic, I’ll use FTP as the guiding metric.

The challenge is that it immediately makes no sense to present a comparison of someone who is doing a workout and their progress based on an FTP that’s dramatically different than another. It may seem easy to simply put in a top 10 board for a group workout, but I would exercise nuance in this case.

As a cyclist, I would like to see those who are around my same performance (FTP) so that I can feel motivated to keep up during a group workout.

Alternatively, as a cyclist, I would like to see just my friends who I follow (regardless of FTP) who happen to be in the same group workout as me so that I feel motivated to keep up during the workout.

As for a solution for doing this, it’s tricky since it has to work at scale.

One such example proposal for a solution… a 1 mile circular flat track where up to 20 riders near your performance level can be seen. An alternate view of the rider list would be offered in this view to better present a subset of information on the riders around you. Maybe as an option, friends you follow will always take priority in one of those 20 slots if they are in the same group workout as you.

As for validating whether any kind of enhancement for group workouts is merited, I’d consider starting at collecting qualitative data as to how people feel about the visuals of being in a rubberbanded group of riders. Maybe some investigation as to whether they go into a group workout with someone they follow and how they feel about the experience. This is assuming this data isn’t collected already.

As a perk, having a 1 mile flat track would be great for race events as well. While many may dislike flat races, there may be an opportunity to entice those who participate in criteriums or track cycling. This may open more opportunities in that realm.