Group workout - all other riders vanished

(Owen Smith) #1

 couple of minutes into yesterdays group workout @4.45GMT all the other 62 riders vanished :frowning: everything still worked and I continued with the workout but never saw another rider.


(Paul Allen) #2

Looks like your connection to the internet or your WiFi dropped.

(Joakim Sundén SZR) #3

Me and many others have had the same problem for a couple of days now.
This problem happened to me on Thursday and friday.
At first I was going to an event.
There where just me and one other rider, and he also couldnt see anyone but me but we where 80+ in the riderlist.

Skipped out and did a ride by myselves, did see only 3-4 other riders.

I have 100 mbit fiber internet and full wi-fi connection using iPad Air and iPhone 6s

(Owen Smith) #4

Yeah I see quite a few:

[16:47:13] NETCLIENT:Connecting to game server node []

[16:47:13] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Received error code: [89] ‘Operation aborted.’ during receive

[16:47:23] NETCLIENT:Connection timeout 10s [20 timeouts]

[16:47:24] NETCLIENT:Reconnection requested

[17:39:07] NETCLIENT:Connection timeout 10s [312 timeouts]

[17:39:07] NETCLIENT:Reconnection requested

[17:39:07] NETCLIENT:Connecting to game server node []


In the logs - but the web was working fine, may have been a routing issue to zwift I guess - I’ll ping in the background next time.


(Paul Allen) #5

Riding now and there seems to be an issue on Zwift end, maybe overloaded.

(Jason K) #6

There were some server issues this morning that we’ve since resolved. We’re doing a deeper investigation now - and hopefully, this won’t happen again. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reports!

(Joakim Sundén SZR) #7

But just to be clear.
This issue starter earlier this week.

(Zee Kryder) #8

I had it for 45 minutes, then suddenly everyone re-appeared.

(Pete Manyardy) #9

I’m having exactly the same issues with riders disappearing as soon as the race starts - it’s happened to me in three separate races in the last three days. My internet connection is fine. Very frustrating riding ITTs when I want to race! Help please!

(Pete Manyardy) #10

(Tom Wildes) #11

I was in the same ride yesterday with Pete Manyardy as above this post. He asked on chat if others were having problems, I personally wasn’t. I could see the other riders including him and his chat messages were coming through so it can’t have been a connection issue?

When I started the race everyone disappeared for 20 seconds but came back.

(Pete Manyardy) #12

So you guys could still see me, I just couldn’t see you? Weird.

(john Melia 57) #13

and its still hapenning , fri and sat for me , i joined the tour de zwift stage 1 , and as soon as the countdown finished everyone but me dissapeared , once i’ve checked everything at my end , i will be cancelling my subscription


(Achim Mueller ME FIRST) #14

Same issues with group ride at 12:05 pm. Quite frustrating, because you will leave your group, struggling, coming back, and then again all disappearing… 

(Achim Mueller ME FIRST) #15

Checked my internet connection: 25 Mb/s download, 0,6 Mb/s upload.

(David G Smith) #16

Exactly the same happened with me in the Griepel group workout.

just before the start everyone else vanished. They reappeared after 5.1km. State of the actual workout seems fine.

(Pete Manyardy) #17

So just did my first race since last week - WBR 4 Flat Lap #pst Race. Much better experience, 90% of the time the other riders were visible…BUT there were still drop-outs on several occasions where once again I was the only rider visible, then they came back a minute or so later. Seems to be unstable for some reason. Hopefully they sort it out.

(Glenn Morton (67)) #18

Never had this issue until recently (have been using Zwift since Beta version). Have not been able to complete a group ride several times in the last two weeks as a result of all other riders disappearing.

(Alan Chaikovsky) #19

Exactly the same happened with me last days 

(Jay Whiteley) #20

This is still happening, there’s nothing wrong with my internet. It’s happened a few times in the last month and when I joined tonights group ride, I was the only person in London, even though zwift reported 130 odd in the group. I reset ipad, rejoined and ended up riding through the floor and through buildings until half the screen was the sky… Wtf! . Restarted zwift again, still noone in London. I found one rider after about 10 minutes, couldn’t chat and they didn’t show as a rider near me, rode with them for 40 minutes and saw 2 other riders in all that time. Cmon zwift, you need to sort this out