Group rides with ride leader bot and fence

The most group rides are announced with a plan for the ride. The ride leader tries to follow the plan and keep the group together. Some leaders also try to start some banter.
With the fence coming zoon, the group leaders task is reduced to stick to the plan and maybe keep the banter going.
What if the ride leader could be replaced with a bot that followed a pre-programmed plan.
Then every one attending would get what they signed up for. The only thing missing is the banter starting. That could/should be left to the participants :slight_smile:
You could argue that you would not get the dynamics you have today in group rides, where the plan can change during the ride, but for some, it is more important that they get what they signed up for.

A bot would be better than the ride leader who talks about food all the time, and goes 2.5 in the “Sub 2.0 1.5 - 1.7 social ride”.

You know who I am talking about! :slight_smile:

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