Group rides seem more difficult since update

Thanks Kurt. So you didn’t encounter the drafting issues. That’s great news. I did the AHDR ride today with a big group and still encountered the issue. One thing I notice is that if my avatar goes to the outside (either side), I am free to pass as normal. But when behind other riders, I get totally stuck. I have to do a lot more w/kg for a few seconds before it finally lets me by.

Where it is most noticeable is when you are riding with a group on a public course and come upon a slower large group. By the time I make it through, the group that I was with is gone. They float right through while I am getting bear hugged by riders in the slower group.

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I will be purchasing a new laptop by January. For the tech people out there, can anyone let me know which requirements that you suggest which are the most important? I’d really hate to try to compete in races next year with this anchor on my shoulders.

Does it need to be a laptop, a desktop will be much cheaper.

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Yes, thanks Gerrie, it needs to be portable. By the way, I just sent a message to Zwift tech support including the link to this thread to get their opinion. My work laptop is no slouch, so if this truly is an issue with laptop performance, I’m sure a lot of people are experiencing this. I’m curious if they are aware of the issue and are trying to address it. By the way, my ride today with AHDR was blinking throughout the ride. That issue seems to have started the same time as my draft issue.

My ANT+ signal was perfect today for 2.5 hours. Here are the other readings

Profile medium
Res 720
Shadow res 1024
Min 6
Avg 14
Max 35
P1 = 6
P95 = 26

Frank - @Dave_ZPCMR, who floats around here might chime in but in the meantime, the specs mentioned in this article are worth noting when considering a new device. Dave also runs a solid page on FB where discussions are normally way over my head, but super helpful when it comes to getting the best bang out of your kit - search out ZPCMR.

And btw, I have a decent Zwift rig (can run 4k resolution at 60FPS) and still have the problems noted in this thread. Provided a bunch of evidence to Zwift also.


I have an i7 10-750H cpu and 1660Ti gpu in my laptop and I run 90-110 fps with other people and near 130 by myself (it happens…). The other day I was with Coco and 150 of my closest friends and noticed no lag. Did not note the frame rate at the time as I was trying to keep pace with Coco.

as a follow up to my last post, i switched to a card that can run zwift at 40+ fps (intel 4600 onboard graphics, lol) and all my problems disappeared and my fps is around 45-60. the distance bug also resolved itself, so drafting is almost certainly directly tied to how good your FPS is in some way. good luck

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For some people.

I can be running 60fps/4k and still have the problem. But I dont have it all the time. Did a group ride earlier this week with 250+ and it was fine. I did a race the day before (with maybe 30 odd in my Cat and 20 in the group I was in), and it sucked the life out of avatar.

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It was me who started this topic weeks ago.
Today i bought the Apple tv instead of the much more expensive new game laptop i was almost going to buy
I can tell you that all issues are gone,finally!
.no more dissapearing riders,no more extra watts to push ,quick login now, and much cheaper solution for 150euro instead of 900 euro…
I wish you a merry christmas and a better year 2021,stay safe
Greets John

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Thanks Dean and John. After loading the update today, I warmed up with COCO this AM which had a large group and then did the BMTR fundo which unfortunately was blown to bits due to the tough route. But I did not notice the issue while riding with COCO. I was able to hold my position in the group without having to do constant intervals. No blinking issue either. My fingers are crossed. Racing season is around the corner.

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the 4K version?

HD version 32 gb

DIe heb ik ook John.
Nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar :wink:

Ook de beste wensen voor 2021!

Just following up. I have nothad the issue for some time now. I always set the priority of Zwift to the highest setting, but in my opinion, a recent update seems to have helped. I also no longer get the blinking monitor.

Since this thread has been so quiet, I’m hoping that is good news for everyone.

After weeks of good behavior, the issue has once again reared its ugly head after last Thursday’s upgrade. Very frustrating.

… And corrected with Tuesday’s update. Today was solid again.

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I noticed nothing special, but I’m happy the problem is solved :wink:

I have a similar problem, but in my case it is with solo rides.

I have always ridden with the trainer difficulty setting set at 100%, but now it feels as if it is set to 300% or higher.
While riding on a flat it is relatively normal, but as soon as I hit a small incline of 2-3% I need to gear down into the lowest gear and stand on my pedals. I find myself cranking out 250-300W just to power my 70kgs up a 3% grade.

I have run the Zwift calibration and the Elite calibration apps but the problem persists.
Any advice would be very helpful.