Group Rides Ride-On bug

There seems to be some odd behaviour with receiving Ride-Ons in a group ride. I’ve seen this a couple of times.

Today my kid did a short ride on Tempus Fugit in Watopia. Just a few minutes, part of it with a Pace Partner (ahem) Robo Pacer that happened to come along. She then joined the starting pen for a group ride on the Fan Flats in Richmond.

For most of the Richmond group ride she received no Ride-ons. She was earning drops at the normal rate and the Pace Partner icon was flashing, alternating with the drop icon, indicating that she was still riding with the Pace Partner, which is odd since this was a group ride with a ride leader (not a Robo Pacer). (No drops multiplier displayed.)

Along certain sections of the route, the Pace Partner icon vanished from the drops counter, and at these times she received Ride-ons.

Total Ride-ons for the Richmond group ride = 7, which seems weirdly low for an hour group ride with over 200 participants. (She received 10 Ride-ons for the 5 minute ride in Watopia.)

I’ve not seen this behaviour personally, but I think you’re focusing on the wrong issue with the ride-ons - the issue surely is that she was showing as riding with a pace partner while in Richmond, where there are no pace partners (unless that’s changed very recently and this is part of the long-promised “you’ll see pace partners in events”)

I actually wonder if this is related somehow to Wrong route titles appearing in rides and that there is some weirdness going on where several routes have the same “identity” somehow across worlds or Zwift is assigning riders to one world visually but another in some other system?