Group rides and race

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

This weekend It was much hard words in the chat about the start of a group race, not so fun to see during my workout.

My idé:
One person creates a Group (ZRR) whit three levels (A, B, C)
Other riders joins the group and level and gets there suffix automagic (ZRR B).
On a signal (text) from the group owner all rides away and all riders are kept back by an arch or invisible wall of some kind.
When the race starts group owner press a key and a timer starts on screen, at 0 the race is on.
If its a social ride Group owner can choose to have the “arch” up the entire ride, this to keep the group together at the speed it suppose to have for a ZSR for an example.

As i Workoutmode this is only visible for the riders that joind the group.