Group ride Speed / Watts - somethings wrong

today i joined my first group ride. I joined group D which seemed a nice an easy ride. But when it was flat or downhill I wasn’t able to stay with the group – not even close. E.G. I was doing 3,5-4 W/kg (250-300 W) at 100rpm and fell behind. All the other riders where doing approx. 2,3 W/kg.
As soon as it was going uphill I closed the gap in no time and had to ride at 1,7 W/kg or less to stay with the group and not ride away on the front.

I am riding with a calibrated Tacx Flux. What is wrong here?


What in-game bike did you use? Did you use a Tri/TT bike? If so the Tri and TT bikes get no draft benifits.

Ahhh, ok. I didn’t know that. I used the a Zwift TT… Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

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Hi all I got the some issue today, but I changed my bike from TT to an “normal” one and I had draft benefits, but I got so much, that I rode up to the front with 100km/h and more without any cadence oder power. After a while the group catches me and after a while the same issue appears. After I had it more than 5 times, I decided to change the event, but the same happened in the next three events. Now I’m frustrated and need help. I’m using an iPad, an iPhone and a Elite Direto powermeter. Many thanks for any hint upfront. Uli