Group ride problem, others disapear from time to time

Using tacx neo with apple watch and heartbeatapp. In the middle of group rides sometimes the group disappears and i am riding alone. After a couple of minutes the group apears suddenly and i am somewhere at the end, because there is no draft.
When riding alone, heartrate via apple watch works fine.

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Riders disappearing typically happens when the network between your Zwift device and Zwift servers drops - its usually your network and a reboot of your modem/router can often sort this. Wifi clashes can also play havoc

If it happens regularly, you can drop your log file onto which can help highlight network issues.

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My wifi is fine. It only happens when using Apple Watch with hearbeatcast app. It never happens when i ride without Apple Watch.
Also it only happens with applewatch in grouprides, never by riding alone.

Maybe the Bluetooth connections between tacx And Ipad on one hand and iphone with companion and heartbeatcast app with apple watch is to much bluetooth traffic. Do the applications work with socket connections ? Maybe in a group ride, there are to many informations coming from the server, and the heartbeat interfers regularly, important fact: the riders fail, not the heartbeat.
When you fall out of the groupride (no draft) after a while, the systems regenerates, but then you are almost alone. As soon as you catch up again problems start again and my solution is: stop haertbeatcast, then riding with the group is possible BUT without heartbeat monitoring ;(

I got a new flavour of the disappearing riders issue in the ZRL PD TTT on Monday: all but a handful of riders disappeared at banner drop, but everybody else showed up again as well as soon they left the pen (so 5 riders at a time). Same thing for both me using fan view as well as our racers themselves.

(This did not happen in the community TTT on Tuesday, but there I saw a different bug: everybody gliding out of the pen seemingly at 0 cadence and taking weird off-road shortcuts, went back to normal ~500 m after start.)