Group Ride Freeze: Saved/Uploaded but... not really?

I attempted (and finished) the Rapha Stage 1 ride today and experienced a hang-up mid-ride.

  1. While I completed the ride, and successfully saved/uploaded to Strava & Garmin, the ride is not showing up as a completed progress in the challenge, nor in ZwiftPower.

  2. Timeline of event: game froze, but progress visible in Companion app. Minimizing the window and re-maximizing Zwift seemed to refresh the avatar at its new position in the ride, though I no longer saw other riders and my position in the ride was nil (I was effectively riding alone; Companion app also zeroed all metrics and chat/nearby zwifters). Completing the ride, I was able to save and exit as normal, and uploaded to Strava/Garmin. Running Windows 10. While the program has frozen before, before refreshing and continuing, it lasted for quite some time this ride. As a result, I loaded up Zwift on my mobile device, but exited at the pairing screen.

Any help in sorting out and recognizing the group ride (and progress) would be appreciated. Thanks!