Group ride for extra credit not getting credited

My past 2 group rides are not getting credit. Anyone seeing this? I should be 75% done, but I’m still at 25%. I just completed one with TDD and it shows up as a workout and no credit. The same for a group ride last Friday on the 9th.

It seems to show up in Strava as Zwift Academy Workout.

I do start a workout, for warmup, and then join event.

There is your problem, if you do two workouts or a workout and a ride or 2 rides back to back you only get credit for the last one. You need to close Zwift and restart between sessions. weird but that is the way to do it.

Submit a ticket and Zwift will credit your activities.

maybe I got your credit - just graduated and there is a 5th ride/race i’m credited that I did not do


We went ahead and got those rides credited for you on the back end, and thank you for submitting a support ticket, as well as being so patient while we corrected the issue.

Please feel free to respond to the email we sent you if you have any additional questions or concerns!

Ride On!

So, what do we earn for the 4 extra rides? Pair of socks?!

Hi Admin Team, my zwift companion app shows that I have completed the extra credit 100% but my zwift profile academy section only shows I have completed the academy 8 workouts and 4 group rides/races.

Kindly appreciate your help on the extra credits.

I recently did a Canyon/SRAM Zwift Academy Bike race. It was a one loop race of Watopia. I won and was really pleased with my times however, I did not get any credit for it and my name is not listed on Zwift Power. How can I get credit for this? Thanks for your help!