Group ride finish distance wrong

Just did my first 100km group ride, I crossed the finish line but only got credited 99.88km so didn’t get the 100km badge.

If it’s fixed distance ride with a finish line so I think if you cross the finish line you should get credited the distance…

Not a big deal I can do another one, but I’m wondering why is the finish of a100km ride not at 100km?

Which event was it?

In long rides, due to the varying positions of riders on the road, there are usually minor differences in total distance ridden over the course by each rider. Over a 100 km ride, a 100-200 metre difference isn’t that unusual. Your avatar covered a little less than others for the course distance. Some will have done more.

However, there is nothing stopping a rider continuing to ride after the end of a group ride in order to reach the required distance, if desired.


It’s a hard-earned lesson but as I’ve been told: first rule of badge-hunting is you don’t stop riding until the banner pops up. I had this exact thing happen during a Neoyko launch event and had to re-ride the route to get the badge.

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I know but the results screen came up and filled the screen so I didn’t see the distance until later…

The good thing is I learned the lesson on the 100km and won’t make the same error on the 100 miles! :slight_smile:

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Can you let me know what event it was please?

I’m curious to see how it is set up.

Group ride SZR at 08:00 CET cat E

I will be doing more so is not a big deal now I know to check distance before exiting

The ride itself was awesome, great support from ride leader and the pack, really enjoyed it!

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Ah ok, it’s a multi-lap event, rather than an actual 100km one.

Sorry it didn’t work out the way you had hoped, but glad to hear you’ll be giving it another go!

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