group ride fail

(David Saerens 1612) #1

(David Saerens 1612) #2

I managed to get to the starting line, but i couldn’t start when the other riders started… Could somebody help?

(Paul Allen) #3

We would need more info about what happened and what group ride you were trying to do.

(David Saerens 1612) #4

it was the ASIA 2.0 at 14.05 CET

(Jason K) #5

Were you warming up in the pen or did you stop pedaling till the event started? If you were inactive for a period of time, it’s possible your sensors timed out and went to sleep. That’s one of the only reasons I can think of for why you wouldn’t be able to start.

(David Saerens 1612) #6

I stopped pedaling, so i guess that’s the reason. I was afraid of a false start :slight_smile:

(David Saerens 1612) #7

Thank you very much