Group event delayed start

So I was able to complete a couple stages of tour events that would otherwise have been at inconvenient times by signing up, logging in, joining the event and entering the starting pen, and then walking away from the game to go about whatever other responsibilities I had at the time. When I returned to the game my avatar was waiting patiently for me in the pen. I was able to start riding and finish the stage with full credit.

The longest I’ve been away from the game with my avatar waiting in the pen was about an hour. As there are some people who will not be able to make up missed stages of the TdZ due to inconvenient time offerings it got me to wondering how far one could push this method of delayed start. I’ve delayed a start by an hour. Has anyone done this with a longer delay? Could you put off riding for several hours, or even a full day, and have it work? What experience have others had?