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(tony hoskins) #1

Hi guys , when you enter a race you have to put yourself into a watt group , I have entered 2 races now in D group and have been blown away by the rest of the field . I am using a magnectic turbo and was wondering if this was the case for being left behind or are some people putting themselves in the wrong group ?
Also the race details say 3 laps ( 30 km /19 miles ) is that in total or per lap ?

(Nigel ) #2

Sounds like you’re using Zpower i.e. Zwift estimates how much power your trainer is putting out from a known power resistance curve graph. It’s only a guesstimate and your power could be well off. If you’re keen to race on Zwift then you really need either a power meter or smart trainer, direct drive preferred as some wheel on smart trainers also suffer from being inaccurate.

Yes some people enter the wrong grade. Some on purpose. Best to register with and refer their results as the sandbaggers will often be upgraded to the next grade up for exceeding the grade power limit.

30km will be the total of the 3 laps.

(tony hoskins) #3

Cheers Nigel ,

So if I get a smart turbo would I find it more realistic and easier ?? I am on zwift power so will check things out on there .

Happy new year

(Nigel ) #4

More realistic - yes, because it changes resistance to match the terrain.

Easier - maybe. You may gain some watts or you may lose some watts. If you get a direct drive smart trainer it will feel smoother than a wheel on dumb trainer.


(tony hoskins) #5

Cheers mate , can I follow you on zwift ?

(Nigel ) #6

Re Zwift - yeah sure :slight_smile: