Group chat setting - two users on same Apple TV

My wife & I both Zwift on the same setup - Tacx Neo connected to Zwift on Apple TV, using the Apple TV’s Bluetooth connection, not the Zwift Companion. Only thing that gets changed between us is the bike.

Pretty much everything works fine except Group Chat. Being an anti-social sort (!), I’m mostly doing solo rides & workouts and I want Chat turned off. My wife does lots of group rides and wants Chat turned on.

Is the Group Chat setting meant to be “per user” or “per device” as whenever my wife turns the setting back on for a group ride, I get group chat appearing next time I ride. Its a minor annoyance to have to turn it off each time but I’d like to see it “per user” if possible so we can both have our preferred setup.

Thanks :+1:t2:

The setting is „per device“, same for „trainer difficulty“. Which is also very annoying when more than one person is using the Zwift app on ATV.

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Then that’s really fricking annoying.

I can’t think of a single reason why you’d do that on a platform that supports multiple users