Green leaves blowing on Alpe course?


Are these green leaves or shadows from the snow further up higher on the Alpe course?

Thanks, Juergen

Hey Juergen, do you have a screenshot of what you saw on the Alpe course? 


I finally was able to capture the “leaves”. It seems when I tried the screenshots from the PC version, the scene was re-rendered and the leaves were gone. When I used the Android Companion App, the leaves were captured. However, the screenshots don’t really give a good representation of how prominent the “leaves” appear during the game. I should try to video-capture the scene if necessary. 

Enjoy, Juergen


I got some even nicer photos of the ‘leaves’ or whatever this is flying in the air. Looks kind of interesting, so no worries. 

Ahh I see, thanks for the screenshots! If the leaves aren’t frozen suspended in air then this seems to be a practical effect but I’ll check to make sure. Appreciate you writing in. :) 

Hi Vincent,

The “leaves” are quite streaming and “flowing”. They are not static. At some point I thought they are “ghosts” or shadows of the snow blowing further up on the Alpe.