Great job innsbruck

(Andre Hufschmid) #1

@Zwift: Great job with Innsbruck. The course is challenging and a great training environment. I love the climbs and the short ramp in the town. Fantastic. I know its the world championship course and it will be demaning :slight_smile:

(David Griscom YCW) #2

I think the new Innsbruck course is OK but I find the climb too similar to the first Watopia mountain climb in terms of length and vertical ascent.  Its good to have a new course it is a bit limited and I sure folks that avoid climbing will be unhappy.  I am really pleased with the faster pace that Zwift is putting out new courses.  That is a good thing

(Steve Copeland) #3

I love it.  great job.  Something new to look at while I grind away running.  When the weather changes and I go back to the turbo from riding outside I am going to enjoy the challenge of the new course for rides as well.


(Vincent W.) #4

Thanks for all the feedback everyone :)