Gray Heart Icon Meaning?

What does the Gray Heart Icon mean in the race results average HR column?

Presuming you’re referring to Zwiftpower here, correct? as I’m not seeing HR data in the zwift results pages. (I lied, it’s actually under your name, and appears to either be zero, or shows average. HR doesn’t need approval there, so the folks who have the gray HR on ZP, you can see their average on the Zwift results if… you so care to look it up.)

If referring to ZP, the gray heart indicates an HR monitor was used, but the data is set to private.
The user must go into ZP profile settings and enable HR visibility.

No heart icon means no HR monitor was used.

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Thanks. That explains it. Privacy setting.

Broken heart icon means you were pipped at the line :smiley:

My favorites are the folks clearly using a watch or some light based HRM instead; and it’s like:

Average heart rate of … 6
Oh okay, great data point! :laughing:

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My old bontrager strap is starting to not always connect, not sure if it’s the strap or something in an update. Not sure if it’s worth it to get a new one, or suffer the slings and arrows of people challenging my 15th place finish in C. :smiley:

My $35 optical HRM doesn’t do that. It roughly matches my Garmin chest strap with slightly slower response time, but I have no difficulty getting the highest average HR of all race participants with it.

Opticals used to be pretty bad, but my wife has a newerish one that seems to give plausible numbers. But the friends of mine who were early adopters got…I want to say suspicious results, but they were often bad enough to not even be suspicious. :slight_smile:

Polar Verity Sense is superb. :+1:

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I expected better from my Fenix 5S+, but yeah it has generally been useless.
So bad in fact, I started using an actual HR strap for my commutes (my commutes are … spicy).

Good to hear some are useful. Straps haven’t failed me yet, and my Garmin watch won’t give me issues to replace it, so I’m stuck where I am for now :face_holding_back_tears: