Graphics Quality?

I see files in the game folder for different quality options but there is no menu system in the game (that I know of)

Where do I find how to set graphics options?

There is no user friendly way to configure this at the moment, and those types of options are pretty low priority at the moment. I would like to ask (and I think I know the answer) what options specifically were you most wanting to change?

Thanks for the replies, I am just used to setting mine on first launch of any game I play, if it auto detects I still just check to make sure.

I know how to change the graphics quality. You have to edit the following config file:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs\basic.txt
I test some combination and for me this is the best configuration:
res 1920x1080(0x)
sres 1024x1024
aniso 8
set gSSAO=1
set gFXAA=1
set gSunRays=1
set gHeadlight=1
set nAIBikes=25
set gFoliagePercent=0.5
set gSimpleReflections=1
set gLODBias=2


I can confirm the settings posted y Javier do work. However, for me the prefs file called upon is not ‘basic.txt’ but ‘high.txt’.

If you want to know what file is being used check your log file in 'C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Zwift\Logs, just after startup.

[16:17:22] Using high graphics profile
[16:17:22] > res 1920x1080(0x)
[16:17:22] Changed resolution to 1920 x 1080 ( NO MSAA )
[16:17:22] > sres 1024x1024
[16:17:22] Changed shadow resolution to 1024 x 1024

The method posted will work (right now) but keep in mind if you start playing with these config files you need to know what you’re doing so that if it breaks in a future update due to changes you made you remember to go back and undo what you did.

As long as you’re comfortable with the idea things might break and save off a copy of the original config, have at it. For everybody else, the relevant options are coming soon in the config screen where it’ll be more user friendly.

Big improvement for me. Thanks for tip

Having said that the frame rate seems to have dropped as the motion seems less smooth. I assume with my GeForce GT 540M it’s either graphics quality or speed, but not both?

I’ve had a play and my screen set at native res with aniso set to 2 works best for me

When I set graphics on my MacBookPro 15" to ‘ultra’ settings, the FPS lowers to around 10-15, but the experience is still very good
I found that still runs very smoothly and no doubt the graphics look much better

On Mac the files seem to be located here:

~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/data/configs/

I haven’t had a chance to muck with them to see what I can break yet. :smiley:

okay. but how do you assign the new resolution settings after you modify it?

Aaron Deutsch – can you confirm that is the location of the Zwift data files on the Mac? My Macbook Pro 15" retina display machine running Yosemite says that folder does not exist. The only Zwift folders I can find are under Documents. :frowning:

Jonathan: ~/ is Apple shorthand for your user’s folders. So if your username is jonathan then the directory will be:

/Users/jonathan/Library/Application Support/Zwift/data/configs/

Also Apple hides the Library folder by default. To show it do this in your finder you can follow the guide here:

Thanks, Aaron Deutsch. Duh. My problem was I was looking in the root Library (HD:Library/Application Support) instead of the User directory. There you go! I’ve got it.

Jonathan: Cool. Let us know what you discover. I was going to start modestly and ramp things up slowly. The most obvious change seemed to be to add this to probably currentconfig.txt:

set gHeadlight=1

Texture mapping can be subtle but turning a headlight on should be pretty obvious!

Does anyone know what aniso means and what its value alters?

I can run in ultra or high settings on my gtx750ti. High gives a better experience as I hit frame rates of up to 50 and it’s silky smooth. If I play in ultra, frame rate drops off and although graphically superior, the experience isn’t as realistic. BUT there’s no aliasing as everything is 1920x1080.

@craig – aniso, I believe, would set the anisotropic antia-aliasing process. This value should always be set in multiples of two, up to 16 (if that’s even supported). You probably won’t see much improvement between 8 and 16, however… just in the sharpness of elements in the distance

I think C Ramps is right. I came across this the other day while researching this ‘ansio’ setting:

The summary of the article is:

“Like bilinear and trilinear filtering, anisotropic filtering eliminates aliasing effects, but improves on these other techniques by reducing blur and preserving detail at extreme viewing angles.”

FWIW The ‘ultra’ file on the Mac has the ansio set to 8 so I don’t think the game was intended to go further, even if you have the hardware.

Thanks for the help guys.