Graphics problams/specs

(Doug Cowperthwaite ODZ (C)) #1

I’m getting a lot of severe artifacts (green walls, etc.), so it looks like my graphics processor is not up to the task. Using a Dell Precision M4600 laptop: Core 17 vPro, 8 GB RAM, ATI FirePro M5950/M8900 Mobility graphics with 1 GB, which seems to meet the minimum specs. Driver is the latest. After experiencing a BSOD while exiting the game, I did update the BIOS, which improved performance some, but introduced more flickering. Just wondering whether anyone is running a similar configuration.

I may try using my wife’s laptop for comparison, but the specs on that one aren’t quite as good (at least on paper).

(D THANG) #2

Did you try cleaning dust out of the fan exhaust? My desktop card was overheating and crashing Zwift at first but it was fine once I turned up the fan speed to ~80%. But my card is also a 670gtx with 3gb ram. Your laptop gpu probably has an auto adjusted fan, but I believe there is a ATI Tool utility that may give you manual control of the fan. Pump it up to 100%!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

If you are experiencing issues getting Zwift up-and-running properly, please drop us a line either via the link in the upper-right by your name or by writing in to support -at-

If possible, please include your DxDiag file as well (instructions are here: