Graphics glitch in side by side 3D mode

When using the side by side mode (by using Ctrl + Shift + 3) the left half seems to never remove previous frames. I am on Windows 10 and have tested this on 2 PCs, both have the same result. Any ideas?

Noticed this with a recent update. Right side still kind of works (with the weird half HUD bugs), but left side just stacks frames making it unusable.

Hi @Donald_Baltus and @brian_gottlieb welcome to Zwift forums

First thing I’d look at is the driver version for your graphics card. Is your machine on the latest version?

I just updated my drivers to the latest and tried again, with the same result.

The left side looks like it is stacking the new foreground animation updates onto the previous image, instead of re-drawing the new background. Something like that.

The other bug (which I’m searching the forum, but haven’t found yet) is that half of the HUD elements disappear in 3D, or are partially rendered to just one eye, or half in one eye and half in the other. I usually turn off HUD in 3D mode because it is unusable, but then I lose some features and context.

Can the overlay be rendered half-width into both side by side views? Then it would appear at screen depth for both eyes.

We were able to reproduce this and are investigating. Thank you both for flagging this up.

Any update on that? Seems like it have not been fixed yet?

Id like to hop in here and confirm that I am experience the same bug on the most recent Update