Graphic glitches


I have some problem with the graphic, it seems started 2-3 weeks ago, sometime every 4-5 minutes it starts to get “laggy” I can see big latency, like if for a moment the frame-rate dropped to 2-3 fps some elements get mixed like if the cpu could not elaborate all the data, and after it goes back and it works perfectly.

My configuration:

  • Phone: Sony XZ premium (G8141) with Android 9
  • Trainer: Wattbike pro with Bluetooth
  • Zwift: last version
  • HR Monitor: Garmin HRM-DUAL Heart Rate Monitor connected wia ANT+ to the wattbike and to my phone using the bluetooth.

I also use Spotify in background and I list the music using my headphones connected through the mini jack.

I’m not sure but it could be related to the use of the HRm, the problem seems started in the same period that I received it. I’m sorry but it is very difficult to “screenshot”.


I have a similar XZ Premium (G8142 with dual SIM) and don’t have any issues with lags. I also use Spotify at the same time. Although I don’t use the phone so much since if I get a phone call and Zwift gets backgrounded everything messes up.