Graphic changes in 2/1/2018 update

Hi, I’ve just updated Zwift with today’s new version on my Mac.  For my money, the graphic tweaks have been overdone: in dark shadows I can barely see a thing, and in sunlight my legs have a dazzling glow!  I’m on a mid-spec Mac Mini, which was rendering the graphics more realistically until today.

I totally agree. You can’t see anything in the shadows, no details, no texture.

Some textures looked better (e.g. water), but in general it felt like the update turned the contrast up way too high.


*Update 12 Feb*

The last patch resolved the “shadow” problem, although the known “haze” problem due to the auto-brightness feature persists. Performance is ok: steady 50fps while driving external 2560x1440 Display at 1080p.

Also on a Mac Mini, and same commentary. However, I am ALSO seeing a significant amount of stuttering and ‘pulsing’ graphically. The pulsing means my avatar disappears - not my bike, and sometimes not my head, but the rest of me - in about 2-second pulses, then returns, then gone again. Also seeing generally pausing/stuttering. Sometimes the game then returns to normal, for up to a few minutes at a time, then the stuttering/pulsing will start again.

The only change to my setup was this morning’s patch. Mac Mini upgraded to 8 gb RAM. Other other sw running was iTunes - this is the same as every day.

This is a SIGNIFICANT problem for me, and makes Zwift almost unusable. I’ve had a nearly bulletproof experience the last couple of years - everything ‘just works’ right up until now. If the Mini is going to be deprecated, we need to know in advance.

Same issues here too:

  • graphics brightness changes in the 1/31 (delivered to Mac 2/1) update are all kinds of whack.

  • CPU utilization is through the roof, to the point Zwift is almost completely unusable when there’s any rider other than me on screen or in the vicinity. Very very slow refresh rates, less than 1 fps - makes following a workout … interesting.

Same issues on my Mac after the update delivered 2/1 (today). Until now, Zwift has been a great experience. Today’s was like riding in a permanent eclipse, with stuttering graphics (for minutes at a time) making it almost unwatchable. This happened even with Zwift graphics set to lowest resolution, and Zwift app window sized down to about 1/4 of my screen. I ran Activity Monitor toward the end of my ride, CPU usage hit up to 120% for long stretches (!), which is when (as you’d expect) graphics performance was so degraded. 

Works fine on a normal person PC.

Surges are usually caused by too high of resolution.

I don’t believe the update has actually been delivered to “normal person” PCs yet has it? the announcement states Apple TV on 1/31, Mac on 2/1 and Windows and iOS in “the days afterwards”

It was working fine before the update with game resolution set to 720p, after update it won’t even run smoothly at 576p

Another person to chime in to say that on my Macbook Pro I saw this too.  It was sort of interesting when going through the tunnel but during “nighttime” riding it was way too dark and hard to see other riders or the road terrain.

MacBook Pro user here - the new graphics update is making my game lag and stutter. I am no longer able to use zwift bc the graphics are too intense for the laptop- is it possible to make a ‘super low graphics’ option for the people who don’t have fast computers?

PC with Windows 10 here. These latest changes arrived yesterday Feb 2nd. The graphics are washed out and some graphic elements are not rendering properly. The “dust”, for example, are displaying as transparent panels as you ride along.

Not sure if it’s contrast or gamma that’s wrong after this update too.

Basically, graphics are worse - colors are washed out and incorrect as well as bright areas blown out with no detail.

Love the new colors and scenery. Lighting bloom effect doesn’t bother me either, but it needs work and I am guessing the Mac version is porked from what I’m reading. Updated scenery is starting to affect performance for me. It is most notable during times of camera shake, which is over-done.

Every single update has been an improvement of the PC version of Zwift.

Hi !

It seems I’m not the only one to have trouble since Feb 1st update.

To dark in some sections of “Road to ruins”, but worst of all, the frame rate slows down to approximately 1 frame per second (yes, one fps ) numerous time per ride.

Also on MacBookPro with MacOs X.13.3 (I’ve checked the memory status and I still have a lot memory available)

Hello I am a same problem on my Mac Book Pro. It’s impossible to use Zwift … The 2/2/18 update it’s very bad …

My config:

[Update 03 Feb]
Since some Mac Users reported extreme performance hits:
My system didn’t appear to take an immense performance hit (driving internal 2560x1600 display and external 2560x1440 display with 1080p game resolution). However, the non-appearance of performance issues might be attributed to a relatively new and mid-tier system/chipset.

I think for future comments on the topic it would be best to include a screenshot of the system specs. This might give Zwift a better chance to identify the source of the performance hits.

Washed out choppy graphics on AppleTV 4K since the recent Zwift update. I find it almost unusable. Everything looked great before the update. 

I’m having the same issue on my MacBook Air.  Have never had issues before but it is unusable now.  A head and no bike, bikes with no riders, etc.  Seems to have started with the Zwift update on Friday (there was another when I tried to log on this mornin. That didn’t seem to help - if it was supposed to be a fix)

I did update my computer to High Sierra v.10.13.3 on Thursday evening.  Might be the combination of the two?  Either way, our iPad seems to be fine but the computer is a mess. 

It has stopped working on my MacBook Air as the framerate has dropped so low as to render it unusable. My Girlfriend, who has been using my MacBook air, now can’t train using it.

This is a real problem given it is a subscription service. It’s OK for me though as I have a reasonably powerful iMac, though there are still problems. My Apple Watch HRM connects and “joins,” but the HR is simply reported as zero on the main App screen, though it remains to be seen if this is a temporary issue.

On my iMac I’m also often finding problems registering mouse clicks. It’s like the sampling of the mouse is off such that only about one click in 20 is actually registering. Very frustrating. 

Overall I get the impression this is a poor QA release. From my perspective as a paying customer I would say you should roll back until these issues are resolved as for me the previous version was working fine. Reliability is much more important than marginal new features when people have invested in completing training plans on your service. 

Same for me too - screen flickering on and off - rendering the application unusable.

Using Zwift with MBA 2011 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB card. Zwift support confirmed that the Intel 3000 card is no longer supported. Update to High Sierra actually made it worse! Parallel test with 2017 MacBook Pro had no issues. 

So I’ll have to find an alternative use for my ‘old machine’. 

I’m using an Apple TV 4K and the graphics have lost the smoothness they used to have. They sometimes stutter for no apparent reason. I wouldn’t call it choppy but the frame rate definitely suffers. 

Same story for me. MBP 2011, after feb 1 update every aspect of the app is hopelessly slow. Did manage to ride for approx 5 mins yesterday before graphics went south again. @T W, what does it mean that the Intel 3000 card is no longer supported? For me, everything worked perfect every time before this update, so I will not accept that the only solution to this is to buy another computer …