Grand tour training mode

Training mode where you have to support your AI GC contender by doing various interval efforts.

Eg dropping back for water bottles then getting back to your team to desribute them. Closing down attacks on mountain stages,  providing a lead out for your sprinter etc.

If you hit your targets your guy wins stage and the whole tour could be your training block.

I think this is more in the spirit of Zwift as I find training mode a bit too similar to trainer road but with graphics. 

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You need to consider that everybody else on the course won’t be doing the same thing as yourself so this would need a ton more ghosts (heaven forbid) for you to attack\chase otherwise who would you be chasing or providing bottles for?


I saw training as a solo thing, clear course. you have your own team of AI ghosts vs other teams of ghost’s, different colours. Not a social experience but a stimulating challenge.