Gran Fondo

Can I still ride the Gran Fondo if I haven’t unlocked the Jungle Routes?


You can go anywhere the group ride goes. It’s not dependent on your level.


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If I register for the 66 mile Fondo, ride more than 45 but don’t complete 66, do I get credit for doing a 45 mile Fondo?

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No, sadly you will not (ask me how I know).

nope, because “ride” won’t be completed.

Join group C and feel free to continue to ride after finishing it if you want some extra distance for like getting the metric century white jersey

Thanks - I thought that would be the case. I’ll just do Group B and see how I feel. Century rides outdoors are no problem, just lasting that long on the trainer is an unknown.

I did group A as a race last time and then ridden another 60km to get black century jersey. I can’t recommend to do anything longer than 2h indoors. I have an experience of 421km in one day irl which felt kinda easier lol

You got that right. I signed up for the A but could only do the B before I was good and ready to get off the trainer. Needless to say but I did not get the Medio Jersey given I had sighted up for the Gran.

I road 50 indoor mi today in 3 hrs. Pretty tired at the end.

Need to pace myself better for the Gran. I feel like 1 indoor mile = 2 outdoor mile

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For the 2021 Fondo Series can we get 1 or 2 of these rides made available on a Saturday MST? I would really like to participate in this series but am unable to due to commitments on Sundays. I believe 1 or 2 of the events for the February ride in 2019 ended up being on a Saturday and I was able to do it. Please please please!