GRAN FONDO Feb 2021 Mega Pretzel

Good attitude, Andrew.

I switch to MTB in the jungle simply because it’s easier to ride on the gravel, and on long rides I look to conserve energy in any way I can.

Hope you had a great ride, Andrew.
Thanks everyone for your advice and thoughts.

I finished a little bit ago and enjoyed it!

I did end up switching to MTB both times. Even though I bungled the transition half the time by stopping on a decline and having to wait extra time to roll to stop, it was worth it for the conservation of energy. I definitely was way more efficient than I have been in the past on a aero road bike through that section. I caught with up to folks who passed me well before the jungle but who did not switch without much effort (even with my slow bike change speed).

With this ride and TdZ Stage 7 A ride this week, I’m hoping not to return to the jungle for a while.


Next time, you can immediately go into the Menu and the Pairing screen. That will put the brakes on, and then you can swap bikes.

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Ah, good to know. Thanks!

With this ride and TdZ Stage 7 A ride this week, I’m hoping not to return to the jungle for a while.

Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and games.… (Apologies to Guns 'n Roses…) I swapped to the Mountain Bike for the Jungle section. And very glad I did.

A good day on the Gran Fondo.

Finished in about 4 1/2 hours, which was a little longer than I expected. My previous 100k efforts hadn’t included 5000 feet of climbing, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I will say I found the last 30km pretty hard going. It wasn’t a full-on bonk. But I just couldn’t hold power for more than a couple of minutes. Felt a bit wobbly getting off the bike, but a shower, some food, and much-deserved bed rest put things right.

Looking at the group results was instructive. Most of the people finishing in less than 3 hours were averaging around 4.3 w/kg, while I was just under 2 w/kg. I’m pleased with my results, but it shows there is still work to be done. Is another watt/kilo attainable for me? Time will tell.

Overall: I think its pretty obvious that most of the people signing up for the Gran Fondo series are pretty serious and accomplished cyclists. I’m glad I had the chance to ride with them (at least for a few of the earlier kilometres) . But to be honest, this ride was a bit “over my head” in terms of length and difficulty, when compared to most of the other participants.


Dont’ worry.
It never gets easier, you just go faster :wink:

Did the Bambino Fondo today cause I was not feeling good enough for a longer ride.
But it wasn’ a walk in the park. You just ride faster and it was hard enough for me :slight_smile:

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This is a general response to the issue of swapping to the MTB. I did the Ultimo Fondo today. The first time through the jungle, I was with a big group, and I elected not to switch.

I did switch the second time through. I wasn’t with a group when I made the switch. I caught up to a group of 3-5 riders about 15-30s ahead of me pretty easily. However, I couldn’t drop them. Only one other rider in that group had switched. I don’t recall, but I think I wasn’t able to catch up to most of the people in that group who had stayed on road bikes.

Clearly, if you are solo, it is perfectly logical to switch bikes. If the route involved more than one consecutive jungle loop, I think that would push me to switch as well. As is, with just one loop through the jungle, I don’t think switching is mandatory. Depending on who you are with, it may be a disadvantage.

Oh, and Mega Pretzel really was quite a challenge.

Just my one fondo experience - On one jungle loop I switched and passed 70 riders (made up 70 places) from before switching from the road bike to switching back to the road bike.