Gradual drift on steering and stuck after steering section

I tried the steering section in Titan’s Grove this morning… great by the way! However, my steering started to drift to the left about 1/3 of the way into the sections (3 stars) and continued to drift until my bars were completely to the left to go straight. I found that I could lift up the right edge of the iPad (Companion) and steer that way but couldn’t shift so that was fun! :wink: When I completed the section, my avatar stopped and I couldn’t get it going again. I had power and cadence but no motion. I tried U-turn, switching views, and finally just did a hard exit (without using buttons and just terminated the program) came back in at the same place and everything was fine. I have the latest version of Zwift (Apple TV updated this morning) and the Companion (using an iPad) . iPad was fixed on aero bars.

I just tried it again using my Android phone and it worked much better. No drift at all and I got the Mountain Bike at the end (9 stars)! I’m wondering if the first time it was trying to give me the bike and something happened and locked up. However, I only got 8 stars on my first attempt with the iPad.

I am suffering a very slow response which is deadly when racing, I cannot get into the wheels to draft. I am sure others are suffering the same issues?