gradient with computrainer

(Pierre Marquis) #1

Hi guys, After my first hour, I am a happy camper !

that said, I run CT with SRM. zwift paired everyhting succesfully. That said, do I need to have CT RaceOne on in order to feel the gradient in my legs ? or is the speed the only thing fluctuating when it goes up and down ?


(Jon Mayfield) #2

If you want Zwift to control the Computrainer it currently requires the Computrainer to be paired as the power source. If you want to try that out, also make sure you don’t have any other Computrainer software open as it’ll block Zwift from communicating with it.

(Jeff Abbott) #3

Im a computrainer user and I have not seen any issues. Some tips I have found, 1) Warm up for 5mins before logging into Zwift. Then calibrate your computrainer as normal (the tension number between 2-3). Then log into Zwift and click on the Choose button for Power (Upper Left box). Then your computrainer should be selectable. If you get to this Choose screen before you have calibrated your Computrainer, it MAY not work right or say device not found.
Then Start your ride. The computrainer resistance works perfectly with the hills (up and down).

(Pierre Marquis) #4

it works perfectly now. many thanks.