Gradient ramp rate scaling to adjust for rider vs. flywheel momentum

With the KICKR at 100% trainer difficulty I’ve noticed that the resistance comes on so fast that my wheel speed is much lower than simulated speed (especially over the at the end of the lap). I think what’s happening is that the momentum of the flywheel is less than the momentum of the rider. As a result, speed bleeds off too quickly.

Conversely, when going downhill accelerating the trainer to a high speed doesn’t result in the same acceleration 

I’m wondering if it would be possible to scale the change of gradient over time based on flywheel vs. rider weight (i.e., some constant for a given trainer type divided by rider weight). I believe speed should cancel out if everything is in balance, but I haven’t tried to do the actual math to see if that’s true. The idea would be that the constant would be picked so trainer wheel speed and simulated speed stay close when the gradient changes.

+1 - on a kickr i always get see a big diff at the point where the gradient starts to go negative - there is no way this is realistic.  very hard to keep with other riders on diff set-ups but similar abilities.

great request CW

Team Zwift … This idea please deserves a response … THaNKS