Gradiënt New York not in sync with neo2t

Today with the 2 guest world s active choose New York, but found the gradient not in sync with Neo 2t. Never seen that before. The neo is some 5-10 seconds behind the gradient


I have had this happen before but I don’t believe it is specific to your trainer, although I can’t be sure since I also ride a NEO.

When it has happened to me, I was either in a large group ride or in a Zwift world that was pretty busy. I attribute it to network lag from my WiFi and/or PC strain from having to render the graphics (I have a mid-level PC).

It might be difficult these days, but I recommend trying again in a world that isn’t packed with people, such as a free ride in Watopia.

Good luck…

After coldrestart appletv and the tacx all was ok again. Also too many Bluetooth devices in the room caused apple TV to nag about it.
So I think apple TV was somewhat in tilt-state.

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