Gradient Change between Neoyko and Makuri Island almost throws me off the bike [May 2022]

When leaving the Neoyko world and heading to the older original part of Makuri Island - my kickr Bike suddenly goes violently down when reaching the end of the dirt. It does the exact opposite when going in the other direction.


I had this experience also, at least in terms of trainer resistance. Gradient shown on minimap doesn’t move off 0%, but resistance increases dramatically when headed toward Neokyo, and then goes to nothing in the same place when headed the opposite direction.

Tacx Neo 2 (latest firmware)
iPad (latest iPadOS and Zwift version)
Garmin HRM Dual (don’t know if this matters)
Bluetooth connection

There’s always been a weird transition between the two parts, which results in a rather obnoxious visual jump. Sounds like they’ve not matched up the joint in terms of gradient?

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Hi @Tony_Rush_TBR,

That sounds jarring! I’d like to reassure you that I have passed this up to be looked into! If you have anything more that can help us look into this, feel free to share it with us!

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

Almost threw my off my kickr bike the first time - wasn’t expecting it. I’ll see if I can video it for you.

@Alex.W for what it’s worth, this is new with today’s update. This did not previously happen. As @Dave_ZPCMR has noted, there has always been a bit of a visual ‘skip’ at this point, but the new ‘gradient change’ addition is significantly more jarring.

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Yes, I’ve only noticed this since the update today.

The weird transition from Yumezi to Neokyo (and the other way round) was already there before the update yesterday. I rode in Makuri Island yesterday just before the release of the latest update and the “jump” was already there. But I didn´t look if there is a change of gradient at this point.

same on my Tacx Neo T2800. Really blindsides you :smiley:

Kickr Bike. same thing. sharp upward gradient into Neokyo map and opposite on way back out. its like the base altitude data on the two maps has been unsynced… on Apple TV, and did same route yesterday, wasn’t an issue then

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Thanks for flagging this up, everyone. We’re investigating and appreciate your help as always.

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If it helps to debug, I just crossed the transition Neokyo to Yumezi and turning left (as determined by my route) was absolutely fine. No issues aside from the usual visual oddity. So maybe gradient only goes wrong when turning right.

And fine coming back as well (turning left towards Neokyo). I’m on ANT+, Windows 10.

Perhaps it’s just in one direction.

Transitioning between Neokyo and Makuri has terrible fps drops when exiting he tunnel and continue to ride towards the junction, it also looks like the graphics switch to N64 style, looked terrible. Upon reaching Makuri Flatland Loop road, the issue vanished.

Same terrible fps drop and graphics observed when riding through one of the the little villages

Possibly related to trainer connection protocol? I’m on ANT+ FE-C with no issues noticed so far.

Problem exists with Saris H3 (FTMS) and Thinkrider X2 (nobody knows, how it works).

@shooj for what it’s worth, I experienced a similar issue in two places in Watopia today. Not anywhere near as severe, but still there. The first place is just after turning from Desert Flats toward the tunnel (away from Epic KOM). The gradient here is shown as 0%, but the resistance had a momentary change going in both directions. The second place was when coming from the Italian Villas and turning onto the Volcano Circuit CCW. Just after this tuen, but before starting the small climb into the volcano, there was the same odd resistance change when the road gradient was not shown to be changing.

I had the same issue at the same location (dirt after desert and before right turn to glass tunnel) at Watopia today. Using Tacx Neo 2. Quite similar to the Yumezi to Neokyo dirt transition resistance change.

Today riding with Coco on Cliffside Lava route I noticed two more areas with this behavior at Watopia. First is on the cobble road after the small dirt rise. You do not feel the cobbles, just a sudden grade bump half way through the cobbles and then the cobble sensation starts. Second place is after the bridge before the turn off to the jungle. Quick bump in grade for a second then back to normal.

I can confirm this. Was a bit annoying.