Grade Smoothing in Zwift Run

In running mode, the grade% shown in the upper right corner seems to represent an instantaneous value. It might be nice if it displayed a smoothed value - say the average gradient over the last 200-400m, or maybe the last 200m and the next 200m. Then those of us who must manually adjust the treadmill grade can “play along” with the course with less stress on motors and other moving parts on our treadmills. Thanks!

When I run up the mountains, I only make the changes when the gradient hits an even number, so if I’m at 4% and Zwift goes up to 7%, I only go up to 6%. If it goes down from 7 to 3%, I only go down to 4%. It saves half of the button-pushing, which is a tremendous savings while going up L’Alpe du Zwift or any of the other big mountains.

Having the percentages smoothed would be fine, but averaging out the small percentage differences and rapid angle changes would be most helpful. Runners don’t really need to go from 4% to 8% to 11% and then back to 7% in the course of 20 seconds of running. Just let us jump from 4 to 7.5 and let us stay there for a while until we’ve made up the elevation lost in not going to 8% for 4 seconds and 11% for 6 more.

Thank you for your consideration.

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