Grade and Close-up Course Profile View

Apologies for my ignorance.  I’m a newbie and have had a hard time finding how to change the view in the top right corner to only be the profile of the current section of road I am riding as well as the total course profile.  Currently, I see a bird’s eye view of the route I am traveling as well as the gradient.  This is fine but I prefer the simpler “blue” gradient view.

I have seen numerous videos/screenshots with only the blue gradient being displayed.  Anyone know how I can toggle that menu/view on?  Thanks in advance for your assistance and Ride On.  :slight_smile:

I think you may be referring to the old version of the corner data area versus the newer one John.

That was an update made some months back and (as far as I know) cannot be toggled.

Ride On!

Oh okay that makes much more sense now!  Thought I was missing something.  Thanks Paul.  Appreciate your help.

To me as a newbie I consider the “Grade and Close-up Course Profile” to be a huge plus.  I consider the current version as of June 2018 to be very user unfriendly.  Can Zwift please consider a toggle option between the “Grade and Close-up Profile” and the current profile.  This way everyone is happy.  Many thanks.