Goodbye Zwift. Product vision and price no longer for me

Zwift’s business plan and vision is targeted at users who are highly engaged, who desire new features, and who can justify paying higher fees for that type of experience. On the other hand, users like myself enjoy the app but use a small subset of the offering really. I ride 3 times/week in the cold months, I have a few personal workouts that I created for myself, and I typically ride the same routes. That’s about it, I’m not really interested in the social part of the app or in the events.

15$/month have been borderline ok. I often felt I should be looking for a cheaper alternative but didn’t because I felt good about supporting the growth of Zwift and its community. Sadly, I will finally leave now because I feel the product is no longer made for me.

I don’t have the presumption of judging Zwift’s business strategy, but it appears to me they made a poor decision assuming that their community is all the same, and they can force a single product at a higher price on everyone. Instead, I would highly suggest studying and understanding your consumers, and possibly figuring out tiered solutions that keep everyone interested. In fact, this is probably the best option you have to grow your business and broaden your user base.

Best wishes!

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