Good job on the new map addition & routes

Have 5 of the new routes done. Just shorter ones to do. The canyon section artwork is excellent. Looking at the map you think why make some of thoes route but riding it turns out be good routes. Some would make great race routes. Others for all uses. 2 laps of island hopper route for ZRL would make a hard tactical race. Turf n surf favors a climber who can do a flat sprint right the climb. Country to coastal and makauri 40 are good routes overall with the long gradual climb that wears on legs in last past of ride. Then leveling off some ways with no recovery then final push. The s/f for those two routes would seem better at the village sprint at top of last climb not halfway up from farmland dirt path junction. Still less than 2km leadin to village sprint from start pens if that was route S/F point. Also easier to do races on thoes routes as well. Overall good map addition and routes.

aka sandbaggers xD

but yea seems to be a spunky route. huge brawl on final climb, every man for himself.