Glitch at same place in Watopia?

I was riding with AHDR tonight 20:50 BST and thought after 5 mins I took my eye off the ball messaging and popped out the back. Mr Energizer very kindly dropped back and gave me a wheel and I got back in the group, comfortably riding with them for another 35 mins.
Anyway after about 41 mins in I seem to stop moving and slipped out the back of the group again, this time I could not be saved but on Strava fly-by it seems to have occurred in exactly the same place on the second lap.
Glitch or coincidence??
Is there a way of seeing my stats around these drop outs to work out if it was system or bad cycling?

Where on the map did this happen? I’m curious if it’s the same place I’ve noted a similar but diffferent issue…

Here’s where I was deconstructed during a race on Sunday… had to log back in and I was no longer in the race:
Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 9.59.27 PM

I think
Can tell you if you had a drop out.

But the group could have just attacked up a hill.

Interesting. I used to like Figure 8 but stopped riding it because my trainer would get stuck at a fixed wattage (usually around 140-160 W) until I restarted it. IIRC this happened to me 3 of the 4 times I rode Figure 8 so I stopped riding that route. It appears that my issues were near the south and west sides of the route though, and not in the same place as you.

That’s a great website Ben, thank you. Yes looks like I had 3 Ant+ drop outs.
Actually in my Zwift timeline I can see 3 times my output was 0 watts which coincides with the down times in Zwiftalizer!
Funny I didn’t notice the last one because I was on my own by then :joy:

So on closer investigation they weren’t in the same place. Defo signal drop out per Ben’s link. Good luck with your issue