Give user greater control over baseline resistance

Give the user the ability to adjust the baseline trainer resistance thus allowing them to manage wear on their cassette and account for different bike gearing types

  1. Alows user to adjust trainer resistance to prevent excessive wear on specific gears on their cassette

  2. Using inner ring and higher gears reduces trainer noise but rarely possible on flat courses without spinning out

  3. Different bike types (mtb, X, road, TT) have different gearing ratios and user may want to simulate differing road, climbatic conditions e.g. Headwinds, rough roads

  4. In erg mode only +/-10% is possible - increase this range.

Implementation options could be to allow user to apply different tyre options in the drop shop: “Trainer tyre”, “MTB tyres” leading to significantly higher resistence OR more simply to allow additional resistance slider alongside the Trainer difficulty setting

Suggestion could be to rename “Trainer difficulty” to “Terrain effect” and then add “Trainer Dampening”/“Trainer Inertia”/“Trainer Resistence” as a seperate setting.

I wonder why this is not implemented right now. In particular it’s important to avoid trainer noise when using trainer in apartment with neighbours… It’s sad to be able to do only workout and no race because of this!