Give us some fun bikes

(I. Homer_Simpson) #1

How about some fun bikes to pick from, like:

  • A Mrs. Gulch special (from Wizard of Oz), complete with bike basket

  • a banana seat, high handlebars with tassles

  • a tandem bike

  • a bike with a child carrier behind it

  • tricycles

  • an old fashioned bike with the huge front wheel

(Hey, not every feature has to be a serious training feature, right?)  ; )

(Paul Allen) #2

I guess you missed some of the April Fools events.

(Zee Kryder) #3

A high wheel for April Fool’s would be cool. Back to the Future Hoverboards!


(Z A.D.A. SuperStar) #4

you missed off the E.T. BMX :slight_smile:

(Stephen Betley) #5

I want a chopper! :slight_smile:

(Sykkel-Tony BOC-Medlem) #6

I want disc brakes.