Giro TT Challenge Issue

(Bart Bolger (V)) #21

Had the same issue with iOS app. Got the update and now it joins the event fine.

(Vince) #22

After updating Zwift on appleTV everything worked fine. Warmed up in Watopia, joined event 10 mins before and transported to Bologna. The only “mistake” I made was choosing a TT frame. With the last 2km being so steep, a lightweight road frame probably would be faster.

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(O) #23

19/05/13 Update : after updating zwift all worked fine

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(Oliver) #24

I’ve been having the same issue just now. I’ve registered. Picked start-time. Pressing join, but it won’t take me there. Is there a solution to this issue that I should know about?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #25

what device are you using.

did you update your app lately. Make sure you are on the latest version, go to the app store and see if there is a update waiting.

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(Oliver) #26

Thanks for your reply. Using Zwift App on MacOS. Updated app. Now it finally worked. Got my ride in … however a bit late.

Ride On!


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(corey) #27

Same here. I’ve tried multiple times now and it does the same thing every time. It jumps me into the normal world like Watopia or NY…

I’m on a mac. I’ve update to the latest version of zwift.

It’s such a bummer because today was the last day and I had a short window to ride it this evening.
Any chance Zwift can extend the availability of this course?!?!?!?

(Lin) #28

The Giro event is finished, but the course will remain for event/race use. For example, as of now, here are some events/races which will use the Bologna TT course:

Note: those times are for my timezone (GMT+8)
Check the schedule regularly and I’m sure you will find other opportunities to ride/race that course.

(Paul) #29

I must admit that I’m getting a lit bit fed up with Zwift. They make a big fanfare about this and that, and then it doesn’t work.

I know that it’s going to be available for other things, but the real interest for me was seeing how I compared to the pro’s (I know it would have been very badly, I’m a big lump!), so that I could appreciate what they were doing even more. But as long as it works for the TV cameras and the pro’s they are happy, despite it being us chumps stumping up our cash every month.

They can’t even be arsed to comment on here with fixes etc. It’s pretty pathetic in my opinion.

I think it might be time for me to try an alternative…

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #30

@Paul_Bonham: Looking at the posts above it seem like most problems is because of software not being up to date. Did you check that your Zwift installation is up to date. go to the app store and force the latest update.

(Paul) #31

Gerrie, my only opportunity to ride it was on Saturday, so haven’t tried anything else yet.

But it also sounds from those above that updating software didn’t always fix the problem.

(35) #32

Had the same issue 1st time - no results screen at top. 2nd time I got results but no cap/socks. Mac App was updated before riding.

(Tadeusz) #33

Event finished, but pink socks and cap not added :frowning: I like Pink :wink:

(Piotr) #34

Same here. I’ve finished the event and no award ;(

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #35

Check the next time you log in, sometimes you ge the award when you log on and start the next ride.

(😺🐾) #36

Zwift support says there’s an issue with the auto-unlock for this race, so best to mail them. I did and they unlocked for me in a few hours.

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(_) #37

Be sure to equip the Giro special frame if you support Giro and want to match your hat. Comes with smoking pink accent tires.

(it’s just a trek madone)

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(_) #38

Anyone else lose there socks and cap when event was over?