Giro TT Challenge Issue

(Paul) #1

I’ve tried to join the event a couple of times this morning but although it says that it’s taking me there I don’t go anywhere.

Tried it from Innsbruck first time, then from Watopia. The leaderboard came up on the right hand side of the screen but I carried on riding where I was.

Am I doing something wrong?

[apple tv]

Missing gear
(Henk) #2

I did it a few minutes ago, and it joined just fine. But I did not get a results screen at the top.

Already sent a support ticket, hopefully it can be corrected, as I am not sure if I ever want to ride this climb again…
[android tablet]

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(Juicy) #3

Same for me.

Very very disappointing since i dont have a lot of time this weekend

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(O) #4

Same here,
i can push “join” but do not get teleported anywhere.

Kickr core
Android OS

(Andy) #5

On Apple TV I had to go into ‘Purchased’ apps and update Zwift manually. Then the Giro worked ok.

Shame my chain snapped 6km in…

(Michael) #6

Not able to join GIRO TT this morning.
Pressed Join Event while warming up in Innsbruck but was not moved to the start line in GIRO TT but stayed in Innsbruck.
Retried several times, also restarting my AppleTV, but same result.
Waited 30 min for next event, but same result here too.

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(Vince) #7

Same here. AppleTV also. I’ve updated it, but after 4 attempts and other things to do today, I’ll try tomorrow.

(Andreas) #8

Same issue for me. Just stay in Innsbruck or Watopia.
Very disappointing for the fees paid to Zwift

(David) #9

Had similar issues with Giro TT today. I launched app on laptop about 830, it did an update and started. I did Innsbruk ride and received no JOIN pop up. rebooted about 910 to start fresh and signed up for 930 and got same results. Just logged an hour on the Innsbruk ride. Not thrilled to miss. will try again later today or tomorrow.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #10

Are you sure you updated the app, There was a big update Yesterday!!

(Christopher) #11

I just finished the challenge but when I saved and exited on my PC, my ride did not update to Strava. In fact, my ride is still “active” on my companion app and the .fit file is now corrupted.

(Paul) #12

Got in no problem. Rode it (ouch!), turned around after the finish and did a reverse - 100kmph downhill back to the start. Ride saved and uploaded to Strava. Trouble is my finish atop of the hill didn’t record in Zwift. So although it recognises I did a 16km loop, it somehow doesn’t know I passed the finish line correctly. So I don’t get a place on the leader board or unlock the cap and socks. I’ve raised a ticket as I don’t really want to go up that climb again. At least not today!

(Rick) #13

Same issue here. Updated the app on Ipad and phone. Warmed up in Fugit and went to JOIN the GIRO and stayed in the same fugit route. The leader board did show up in the top left albeit a small group of 40 it said.

Restarted both phone and IPAD

Neither update resolved the issue.

This same issue occurred on Wednesday for STAGE 5 Tour de Zwift. Frustrating

(Paul) #14

Worked ok on my iPad got the cap.after the climb stayed on to go down. The climb that’s when my time stopped.

(Rick) #15

Had the same issue - wouldn’t transport me out of Innsbruck. I did the manual app update (TVOS) and then it seemed to work. I was transported to the starting line.

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(David) #16

App started and said update was available and I accepted to install. That is what led me to close down and reboot, thinking maybe it needed a hard reset… I’ll check versioning again and give it a go.

(Andrew) #17

I haven’t been able to update my zwift app on Apple tv 4k since the latest update. Just receiving the message ‘zwift could not be downloaded at this time’ have tried 20+ times including a factory reset and other combinations. still no luck…

(stephen macintyre PACK) #18

Me too, Just entered the event on the Companion App then went to start up zwift but no sign of the Join Event button plus just left standing at side of road. Tried it twice but no sucess. Will send a supporsupport ticket.

(Paolo) #19

Sorry, just a stupid question here. TT frame or not, it’s a no draft event, isn’t?

(_) #20

It’s a TT ‘event’ with NO draft, but you are able to select any frame. So many different setups to choose from for this unique course.